Lesson 2: What Do You Know?

True or False


1 Viewed from above the North Pole, the Earth rotates in clockwise direction.
2 Due to Earth's rotation, a person at the equator is moving about 110 miles per hour faster than a person standing at the poles.
3 The Earth's rotation affects the shape of the Earth.
4 Earth's climate does not affect the shape of the Earth.
5 If the Earth stopped rotating on its axis, life on Earth would not be affected much.
6 Measured by a bathroom scale, a person weighs less at the equator than at the poles.
7 The Earth's rotation has no effect on our weather.
8 Isaac Newton once predicted that an object dropped from a tower can demonstrate the Earth's rotation. When dropped, the object should fall a little bit east of the tower base.
9 The rotation of the Earth determines the direction water rotates as it goes down the drain in your bathroom?
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